• InsurTech

    Driven by fundamental shifts in customer preferences, behavior, and demands, the last five years have seen significant transformation and modernization initiatives change the shape of the traditional insurance industry. As the industry struggles to become more customer-centric, innovation must take center stage, and ManchesterStory is connecting the most promising InsurTech entrepreneurs with the capital needed to succeed.

    Decades of experience investing in exceptional management teams help ManchesterStory identify InsurTech startups with the vision and capacity to tackle major problems and effectively scale, and have the strongest potential to accelerate digitization of the $4.6 trillion insurance industry. ManchesterStory's growing portfolio and areas of interest span a range of emerging technologies, including solutions focused on customer engagement, core administration, home automation, telematics, big data analytics, cybersecurity, IoT, regulatory compliance, digital distribution, underwriting, and claims processing.

  • FinTech

    The expansive financial services landscape is complicated by constant and ongoing regulatory change, tech-savvy customers with retail-informed point-of-sale experiences, and ever-increasing competition. By proactively adopting technology to improve operations and customer experience, FinTech has gained a reputation as a fast-mover as compared to InsurTech, but is still closed off to those without in-depth knowledge of the space.

    ManchesterStory has the experience to identify startups with the best potential for success, and regularly invests with teams that have achieved early revenue generation. ManchesterStory's growing list of portfolio companies and areas of interest include lending (peer-to-peer, B2B, underwriting algorithms), institutional and capital markets (alternative trading systems, financial analysis), personal finance and wealth management, payments and blockchain.

  • Healthcare

    Dealing with strict privacy regulations and impending legislation, layers challenges on healthcare providers already struggling to manage unstructured patient content and handle clinical documentation requirements in addition to the provision of medical services. Technology startups are injecting an important and much-needed innovation element into healthcare, and accelerating internal cultural transformation at the same time.

    A strong combination of technology and healthcare experience means ManchesterStory's investments in this industry are those with the best chance of success. ManchesterStory's growing list of portfolio companies and areas of interest include telehealth services, personalized medicine, addressing workforce challenges, and the application of data analytics to build new product and service models.